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5 Main Considerations to Ensure Your Wood Flooring Works Over Underfloor Heating

5 Main Considerations to Ensure Your Wood Flooring Works Over Underfloor Heating

Installing a new wood floor over underfloor heating needn’t be difficult, but considerations must be made to ensure that you get the beautiful wood floor you want.

Our Contracts Manager, Matt Knight and our Managing Director, James Hyde have filmed a discussion they had regarding our 5 main considerations for wood floors and underfloor heating.

Watch the full discussion video below.

You can download the article below to print off yourself by clicking the link: UFH Considerations

  1. Good planning, design and timings
    • Appropriate design of the underfloor heating system and sub-floor build up, for example, you will need to take into account the surface thermometer probes, and suitability and quality of materials used, e.g. concrete and screed products.
    • Allow plenty of time for each stage of the works – especially when leaving enough time for concrete to dry
    • Finish floor details such as the finished height and floor expansion allowance, need to be considered, especially when new floor is adjoining existing floors. This is a common mistake when installing a new floor to an adjoining floor, not allowing enough depth for sub-floor build up or for board expansion.

Bespoke ask fumed oak being laid

  1. Pre-installation site conditions
    • Moisture checks need to be undertaken to ensure sub-floors are dry and ready. We use specialist equipment and various methods to measure moisture in all different types of materials. Many factors can influence the drying process. This is something we can advise on when beginning the installation process with you.
    • Accurate measuring of air temperature and relative humidity are essential. This is to avoid a scenario where the wooden floor can twist, warp or cup, due to natural movement caused by an imbalance of the air temperature and moisture.
  1. Installation
    • Ensure underfloor heating has been running for the appropriate amount of time. E.g. concrete should be a minimum of four weeks prior to installation of the finished wood floor. Plus the site conditions and moisture readings are still good
    • The underfloor heating should be turned off during the installation. This is often a requirement of adhesive and related products manufacturers, until the floor is fully installed, i.e. fixed or bonded, it can still be vulnerable to movement.
    • It is crucial that monitoring and controlling of the site conditions continues throughout the installation project
  1. Post installation site conditions and protection
    • Once the floor is successfully installed and finished, it is important to use suitable products for any temporary floor protection. For example, these should be breathable products.
    • Many floor installations fail at this stage, so it is crucial to continue maintaining the site conditions

Douglas Fir floor in the residential kitchen

  1. Follow underfloor heating guidelines
    • Lots of care and attention has led to this point, it is now vital to follow the manufacturers guidelines when re-introducing the heating
    • This must be done gradually to avoid unwanted contraction and warping of the boards you have just installed
    • This needs to be understood clearly for successful ongoing use

Finished reclaimed floor installed over underfloor heating


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