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5 Ways to ensure you get the Best Value for your Money for your School Wood Floor Refurbishment

5 Ways to ensure you get the Best Value for your Money for your School Wood Floor Refurbishment

School floors have to be durable and long lasting, with a finish that is easy to maintain and looks great. However, school budgets are becoming increasingly tight, so floors and finishes have to be within budget but provide a high standard that will last a long time.

It can be challenging to find this; however, we have put together a list of 5 ways you can ensure you get the best value for money for your school floor refurbishment:

  • Make sure your contractor uses the best quality lacquers, using tried and trusted preparation techniques, so you have a consistent finish that performs well in the short and long term.
  • Ask your contractor to demonstrate the attention to detail they apply, and how can they reassure you that they don’t cut corners
  • Do they use the best quality products, and confirm the number of coats of lacquer they apply
    • Using the correct products means that the floor will look great for longer, and the floor will be easier to maintain in the short and long term. If the incorrect products are used, the floor will need refurbishing sooner, costing you more in the long run. Maintaining the floor manufacturer’s guarantee is the top priority, and the refurbishment is so important in this respects.
  • Ask how the contractor can ensure that the end result is a floor finish that is easier to maintain in the short and long term, it is long lasting, and durable to withstand the busy foot traffic all school floors receive.
  • Ensure the contractor gives you clear instructions and advice on how the floors should be maintained by staff
    • The maintenance sheet should include what products you need for your floor, how often you should clean it based on the floors usage, how much product you should use and what cleaning equipment you could use. The products and regimes will need to be correct for your floor, so you ensure that your floor looks better for longer.
    • We do carry out floor refurbishments to floors where the incorrect mop or product has been used to clean the floor and it has taken off the seal, so the floor needs more works doing because it has become unsafe to use. This is not what we want to happen to your floor.
    • How you maintain your floor after works are completed is as important as the works we carry out for you. Once our works are completed, we want to ensure you are able to look after your floor easily, so you don’t need our services again for a few years. A durable and easy to maintain surface is the goal. Our office team are also on hand if you have any queries regarding the maintenance of your refurbished floor. We will even offer to carry out some maintenance training for free if you or your staff would like to be shown how to clean the floor. This will also include recommendations on how matting and cleaning techniques restrict abrasives and dust on your floor, and keep the floor looking better for longer.


We are a family owned company that has been in business since 1968. Our interest is in not only installing wood floors, but maintaining your floors or helping you maintain your floors for the foreseeable future.

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Managed Maintenance Service

We are also pleased to offer a Managed Maintenance Service, where we can tailor a service agreement to your requirements, giving you peace of mind that your floor will not only last longer but look good for longer. We would be delighted to discuss a tailored maintenance service with you.

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We provide a 12 month workmanship guarantee on all our works for your peace of mind in knowing that our experienced technicians will work with you, not against you and we will honour that guarantee by offering 6-12 monthly courtesy calls after the works are completed.

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Paul Hobbs, Facilities Manager at the Building Design Partnership says, “Roger Hyde Limited was recommended to us by Junckers. Roger Hyde Limited has shown great expertise in the treatment of our oiled floor. The level of service they provide is exemplary. We would not hesitate in recommending their service.”
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