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6 Key Considerations for School Floor Refurbishments

6 Key Considerations for School Floor Refurbishments

It is only after we have fully understood your requirements and tested the condition of your existing surface do we advise on the options available to you. Before you get your floor refurbished, or if you think your floor needs refurbishing, read our 6 step guide below or you can download the PDF here: 6 Key Considerations for School Floor Refurbishments

  1. Ask yourself, how is the floor used?

What is the current condition of the floor? Is it scratched, cupped, chipped?

What activities take place in the room? After school clubs, sports and exercise clubs, meetings and functions?

Are chairs dragged across the floor?

Will this change in the future?

School Before and After sanding

Does your floor look like this? It could need a sand! Before (left) and after (right) of a sand and seal of a school hall floor.


  1. Always get a professional survey of your floor done

A survey and detailed report of your floor and what works are recommended, is of great importance. This survey should provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on what refurbishment tasks are necessary for your floor.

If you need to raise funds for the works, this also gives you an indication of costings for the works and any optional extras.

When contacting a flooring company, a survey should be offered as standard. Not all floors are the same, and as such, the floors need to be seen in person by an employee of the flooring company you are in touch with. This shows that the company are professional, experienced, trustworthy, and diligent and care about your floors as much as you do.

The survey and report we carry out at Roger Hyde Limited is free and is the first step for any new flooring enquiry. There is nothing better than meeting in person and seeing the floor for ourselves. We get the best understanding of what the floor requires to meet our customers’ needs.


  1. Not all refurbishments are the same for each floor.

There is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to sealing wood floors.

The best flooring technicians will apply 4 coats of lacquer to seal your floor, whereas others will try and get away with fewer coats.

Not only do we apply extra seal, but we use the correct products for your floor surface and the usage. We recommend that you are wary of cheap sealants. We believe we use the best and highest quality sealants that are appropriate for each individual flooring project.

When we carry out our survey as mentioned above, we will know what type of floor it is and what products can be used on it to achieve optimum results.

Using the correct products means that the floor will look great for longer, and the floor will be easier to maintain in the short and long term. If the incorrect products are used, the floor will need refurbishing sooner, costing you more in the long run. Maintaining the floor manufacturer’s guarantee is the top priority, and the refurbishment is so important in this respects.

School Before After Collage

Before and after of a school scrub (non-sanding) and seal. Our non-sanding service refreshes the floor without premature sanding.


  1. Line/court markings

Line markings must be accurately carried out, and are easily accommodated into other floor refurbishment works to wood floors.

  • Are your line markings up to date?

Sports floor line markings are so important to a school. There have recently been changes made to the basketball line markings, and schools have to ensure they are up to date, otherwise when basketball teams plays outside of the school, they will have the rules wrong and won’t be playing the game correctly.

  • What tape/paint to use?

The tape and paint chosen for the line markings must be compatible with the chosen floor and finish, to ensure all guarantees remain intact. Each sport has certain guidelines that need to be followed to ensure the sports are carried out correctly.


  1. You should be provided with a ‘How to maintain your’ floor sheet

How you maintain your floor after works are completed is as important as the works we carry out for you.

Once our works are completed, we want to ensure you are able to look after your floor easily, so you don’t need our services again for a few years. A durable and easy to maintain surface is the goal.

The maintenance sheet should include what products you need for your floor, how often you should clean it based on the floors usage, how much product you should use and what mop you should use. The products and regimes will need to be correct for your floor, so you ensure that your floor looks better for longer.

We do carry out floor refurbishments to floors where the incorrect mop or product has been used to clean the floor and it has taken off the seal, so the floor needs more works doing because it has become unsafe to use. This is not what we want to happen to your floor.

After we have completed works for you, you will be given a maintenance sheet with the correct advice on it. Our office team are also on hand if you have any queries regarding the maintenance of your refurbished floor. We will even offer to carry out some maintenance training for free if you or your staff would like to be shown how to clean the floor.


  1. For a small fee each month, your floor can be managed with our Maintenance contract

Our Managed Maintenance Service makes certain your wood floor surface is clean, slip resistant, and is regularly monitored for wear. This service takes the hassle and worry out of looking after your floor. The service is flexible and tailored to your floors needs and your budget.

We arrange a plan together that works for you and your floor. We want your floor to look great for a long time, without costly floor refurbishments.

This service ensures the floor’s longevity and for small amounts each month agreed together, you can rest assured that your floor will look better for longer when working with Roger Hyde Limited.

All works are guaranteed for 12 months from completion! This covers our all of our works, so you can be assured that if something unexpected happens to the floor within 12 months of our works taking place, we will come by to solve the problem, or provide maintenance advice. We consistently aim for excellence. Our guarantee establishes the standard of works we expect from our flooring technician team.

Farlingaye before and after

Before and after of our non-sanding service to a school sports hall floor.


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Managed Maintenance Service

We are also pleased to offer a Managed Maintenance Service, where we can tailor a service agreement to your requirements, giving you peace of mind that your floor will not only last longer but look good for longer. We would be delighted to discuss a tailored maintenance service with you.

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We provide a 12 month workmanship guarantee on all our works for your peace of mind in knowing that our experienced technicians will work with you, not against you and we will honour that guarantee by offering 6-12 monthly courtesy calls after the works are completed.

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  • Technicians are CSCS cardholders
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