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5 Reasons why Monitoring Moisture Readings is so Important for the Longevity of your Wood Floors

5 reasons why moisture readings are so important with wood floors

Wood floors are a beautiful, natural material that enhances any room, reception, bar, restaurant or public space within a hotel. As a natural material, the boards can shrink and expand during the seasons, based on what atmosphere they are exposed too. This movement can cause the boards to cup, or warp, and large gaps can form. The majority of problems with wooden floors are related to moisture, so moisture and humidity have to be controlled. Each surface will be different, and will therefore require an individual plan of works that is correct for the surface. It’s exactly this kind of tailored approach that we apply to all wood flooring projects we have completed for Junckers in the past and have planned for the future.

We have put together 5 key points as to why moisture readings are so important: Download the PDF Guide here

1. Wood is hygroscopic and so is affected by moisture – moisture levels are always where we start. Knowing what moisture levels are in the building-space is going to help with an installation, refurbishment or repair.

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2. Sub-floor Moisture Readings (below the floor) – this affects how the wood is secured to the sub-floor. Excess moisture could lead to damage of the sub-floor, and crowning or cupping and excessive movement of the floor. It is important for us to know the type of sub-floor, as each type requires different moisture measurements and a different approach to the works.

3. We need to know of any existing moisture barriers – this is more relevant for new installations. Effective moisture barriers ensure the floor lasts longer. If moisture is able to get into the floor, it will not last. The probability of repairs or replacement of the floor will be higher.

4. Surface level moisture readings – this affects the finish, performance and adhesion – if there is moisture on the surface of the floor it will de-laminate and wear quicker.

5. Relative humidity in the air – high relative humidity will affect, not only the expansion and attraction of the wood, but can also make a floor cup. It can also cause an uneven floor and will be more prone to damage. Very low humidity can have the same affect. 20C and 50% RH is the sweet spot.

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Knowing the conditions is essential to maintain Junckers’ 25 year guarantee. If the atmosphere changes and a moisture barrier is damaged it can affect the whole floor, so it is important to look after all the aspects mentioned above to ensure your floors last longer. Our works are also guaranteed. For us, your peace of mind, is the starting point.

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Managed Maintenance Service

We are pleased to offer a Managed Maintenance Service, where we can tailor a service agreement to your requirements, giving you peace of mind that your floor will not only last longer but look good for longer. We would be delighted to discuss a tailored maintenance service with you.

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We provide a 12 month workmanship guarantee on all our works for your peace of mind in knowing that our experienced technicians will work with you, not against you and we will honour that guarantee by offering 6-12 monthly courtesy calls after the works are completed.

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